Bluffton-Harrison teacher may have to take down rainbow flag

"Pride Flag" by Quinn Dombrowski, some rights reserved

BLUFFTON, Ind. (WOWO): A “gay pride” flag on display in an area eighth grade classroom may have to come down soon.

The Bluffton-Harrison school board met last night to draft a policy on “controversial topics” within classrooms after some parents complained about a rainbow flag posted in Bluffton Middle School teacher Bev Balash’s classroom. She tells our Partners in News at ABC 21 it’s been there for a couple of years:

“We go in there and have a conversation about what the flag means and why it’s in my room,” Balash said. “It’s a symbol of love, and safety, and acceptance. That’s great, that’s great to me. That’s why it’s there so that my kids can have a safe place to go.”

Superintendent Brad Yates says while no official action was taken last night, under the current policy being drafted, the flag will have to come down. A final decision will be made on September 13th.


  1. It’s such ” a symbol of love, and safety, and acceptance” that the LGBT community is continously trying to force people with religious values to go against their values through Lawsuits…. one group attempting to take away Peter’s (God Given) Rights and give them to Paul. More like a symbol of Hate, forced conformity and bigotry.

    • Your comment appears to be directed at me:

      I am not religious, but respect those with religious beliefs. Based on your comment, you also are not religious otherwise you wouldn’t make a stupid comment like “Jesus is ashamed of you” … That’s what a 12 year old in your parents basement would write.

      I hope as you work through grade school they start teaching read-comprehension so you understand the points people are making.

      The only “Hate” in my comment is the “Hate” associated with taking people’s rights away and giving them to others-forcing people to conform. But you are right, “religion does not allow you to discriminate”, free will does, just like the LGBT community seeking out religion to force people to go against their values

      I don’t want to see a flag in the classroom that represents taking away peoples’ Rights.

      Teach, don’t propagandize.

  2. How about us teaching kids to read write and do math. There is time to do social conditioning later… not in middle school. The rainbow flag does not always mean “love and acceptance” or safety for others who do not share their view. Although the teacher expressed a positive spin on what the flag stands for this position is not universally practiced by the displayers of the rainbow flag. Some individuals who are not in the LGBT community have been physically hurt and others legally damaged by these practitioners of “love and safety, and acceptance”.
    In study after study American students are falling behind most countries in knowledge and application especially in the areas of math and science. Our teachers need to spend less time trying to mold the student into their “socially correct” vision of what a person should believe and more time teaching the students the basics so they can effectively compete in the world. If our students learn how to process the facts they will come up with what is the correct way to interact with their fellow citizens. Attempting to Brainwash students with teachers personal social opinions on topics like critical race theory and the beauty of the LGBT community when the students do not know what H2O is or how to add simple numbers correctly does the students a major disservice.

  3. This is sad ,there is no reason why that flag can’t stay in that room ,it’s all about love ,not hate ,that’s the problem with this town,it’s full of haters ,and you all must remember you will be judged one day ,I feel that the LGBT should come and protest this ,it’s wrong in so many ways ,we are all human, we all need the same ,wells County should be ashamed of themselves,your town is a mess,stop the hate

    • Stop the hate? That flag is a symbol of hate by itself.

      As a person who isn’t religious, at all…

      That hateful movement is a direct violation to one’s religious freedoms, and is part of a widespread controversy.

      If someone’s religious views prohibit the behavior that flag stands for, and that person speaks out, they are shamed, defamed, verbally assaulted, harassed, threatened, physically attacked and canceled. It is the exact opposite of inclusive.

      So, there is, indeed, a problem with it, and whether you care to admit it or not, it’s purely a politically driven symbol and the teacher is forcing her views down the throats of those children and anyone else who happens inside her classroom. School is NOT the place for such controversial topics.

      Bottom line, the flag needs removed. The only flag that should be allowed to hang in ANY American school classroom is Old Glory.

    • I just feel everyone needs to read the Bible and read the entire book of Romans 1 don’t just read apart read the entire book and that entire chapter and then you understand why children have no reason to be learning this and parents have no right to be pushing this or teaching this to their children it is a sin of the highest and yes one day we will all be judged and each other will be judged for what they have caused or brought up on another imagine all these children that their parents taught them that being a boy when they’re a girl is right and being a girl when they’re a boy is right or changing the sex of who you are God didn’t make you that way and it is not intended he did not intend you to die that way you can’t change something you already did to yourself and you will be judged yes that’s not judging anyone that is just saying yes we’ll all be judged but you need to read your Bible


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