Bloomington hatchet attack now being investigated by FBI as hate crime

(Photo supplied/Brown County Jail)

NASHVILLE, Ind. (AP): A recent hatchet attack near Bloomington against a high school exchange student from China is being investigated by the FBI as a possible hate crime.

Yue Zhang, 18, was struck with a hatchet Friday afternoon in downtown Nashville, about 20 miles east of Bloomington, as she was taking photos for a class project. She told police that a man threatened and followed her before she felt something hit her back.

Police say the hatchet used in the attack was found on 59-year-old Dana Ericson of Nashville. Police say Ericson told them he’s a white supremacist, hates Asians and was hoping to kill the victim.

Ericson pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery and battery causing serious injury.

He’s due back in court April 11.


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