Blackhawk Christian students take a stand against human trafficking

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Some Fort Wayne students took a stand today, literally, against human trafficking.

Students and faculty at Blackhawk Christian Jr/Sr High School held a “boycott” of their chairs today, removing every chair from the building and spending the day on their feet, as part of a fundraiser to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Bible Teacher and Chapel Director Sarah Hooley tells WOWO news the students exceeded their goal. “Our goal was to rescue five girls, which would cost $7,500,” she says, “and we ended up bringing in over $11,000. That’s enough to rescue seven girls.”

“We’ve had such an amazing response from the student body,” says student Ashton East, who spearheaded the movement. “We never could’ve imagined all of the things we could have accomplished. It’s such an amazing event, and it’s really opened up my heart as well as my friends’.”

The school is partnering with Destiny Rescue to make those rescues happen. You can find out more about the charity by clicking here.


  1. I just read this article about Blackhawk students and faculty raising the funds for human trafficking. How wonderful and powerful this is and what an impression I hope it makes on others across the world to be a part in stopping this from happening. This has made me more aware and I will be sharing this article with those I know here in Wisconsin. Thank you for publishing this article. Thank you Blackhawk for making a real stand and try to help.


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