Biologists Warn of Winter Fish Kills

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): Officials with the DNR are warning Hoosiers with the springtime temperatures we could see evidence of more winter fish kills.

Fish Biologists say that small ponds are most likely going to see the biggest fish kills as some northern bodies of water had 20 inches or more of ice on them. Fish kills are caused by a lack of oxygen, normally the result of thick snow and ice build up that keeps plants from producing oxygen.

Biologist Tom Bacula says they are not expecting a big year for fish kills but the possibility exists after a brutal winter the year before. Already this year there have been reports of Gizzard Shad kills in large numbers. Shad are small fish that can often times cause problems with bass and bluegill populations.

Bacula says the best way to determine if your pond needs help is to take a couple casts with your preferred bait and see if you get any bites. If you don‘t he suggests you contact your district fishery biologist and ask for tips on what you can do to cut down on fish kills in the future.