Bikers escort a bullied Snider freshman to school

Fort Wayne, Ind. (WOWO): Over 50 bikers came together and escorted Madilyn Quinn, a Snider High School freshman, to school on Friday morning according to our partners in news at ABC 21.  Quinn says she has been threatened and harassed by another student.  After hearing this, her father, a motorcycle rider, called the local motorcycle community to show her that she is not alone in this.

These bikers are from United Motorcycle Enthusiasts Against Bullying.  They claim that they will continue to escort kids to school as long the bullied kids need them.  According to Quinn and her father, they have tried to contact the school to report the bullying and have not received any response.  Brent Warfield, from the biker group, says “We’re there for you. Bullying isn’t cool but we’re there for all of you, even the bullies, because if you change a bully you save so many other kids, too.” He also states, “Bullying isn’t cool, not at all” and “So, a lot of times it tears the kids up. We lose a lot of kids to suicide to bullying and we don’t wanna see that.”

Madilyn believes that this will probably get around to the student who is bullying her and then he will get the point that he needs to stop with the threats and harassment.

Last fall, Madilyn and her Dad were a part of the group that escorted another bullied student to DeKalb Middle School.


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