Big Tree Registration Ends Oct. 31st

Fort Wayne (WOWO): After a 2012 drought and other environmental issues, some of Indiana's state trees are out of the running for the 2015 Big Tree Register.

The register is a list of the largest native trees in Indiana and the DNR is accepting nominations through October 31st.

The DNR publishes the list every five years. In 2012, several champion trees died off due to drought and now, other trees have the chance to take their place. If you believe you a tree that should be in the running, you can nominate it this year.

A basic application requires three different measurements of the tree, including total circumference in inches, total height in feet, and the average crown spread, also in feel.

The size of the tree will be calculated using a points system. Each species with the highest total will be deemed Indiana's largest.

More information can be found online at To find out how to get a registration form, District Forester Janet Eger can be reached at (812) 247-2479 or