BBB Reports “Yorkie Puppies Need a New Home” Ad is a Scam

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Yorkie Puppies were recently for sale in the classifieds of a local newspaper.  Local Better Business Bureau of Northeast Indiana officials say the advertisement was a gimmick.

The BBB issued a release stating that the ad reads as follows:

2 akc registered Yorkie puppies for free to good home 2 akc registered Yorkie puppies for free to good home and loving and playful if interested Contact:

A woman responded to the ad and received a response from the owner, who supposedly was a missionary located in Africa. He told her a really sad story of how the puppies couldn't take the hot weather. Since they were going to an even warmer climate with little water, he needed to find them a new home.

He then requested $450 from the woman, to ship the puppies back to the United States. She denied the offer and reported the incident to the Better Business Bureau.

BBB officials want to remind you that these types of activities not only take place in the classifieds of local newspapers, but also online and with the holidays approaching, expect to find more “puppies for sale” ads that pull at your heartstrings.