Bayh to repay taxpayer money spent on Indianapolis hotels

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Evan Bayh will repay $737 in taxpayer money spent on overnight hotel stays in Indianapolis when he was still a U.S. Senator.

His campaign spokesman says Bayh is refunding the money out of an “abundance of caution” after facing questions on whether the Senate permitted such expenditures.

Bayh owns a condo in Indianapolis, but his personal schedule shows he stayed in hotels on visits to the city.

Senate records show the Democrat now running for the seat he gave up in 2010 collected several hundred dollars in taxpayer-funded reimbursements for a five-day Indianapolis trip in August 2009. The Senate was in recess and not conducting business at the time.

The Associated Press first reported last month that Bayh stayed at hotels during rare trips to Indianapolis, not the condo.


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