Batteries Not Included, Episode 01: Too much, too soon for Batman vs Superman?

Tom and Kale run down the past week’s top news, and then discuss whether we’re getting way too much Batman vs Superman movie spoiled for us…and if the movie itself will be spoiled by DC trying to play catchup with Marvel.


  1. Can’t see why you guys are so down on Jesse Eisenburg’s Lex Luthor, if he has as good as a performance as he normally does, this will be the best Lex yet! Eisenburg’s Lex is literally the only reason I want to see that movie. He’s going to be great I cannot think of a single reason you guys don’t like him as Lex.

    • I’m thinking they should at least wait until the movie happens. Everyone hated the idea of Heath Ledger as Joker until they saw The Dark Knight.

      • EXACTLY! While I didn’t like Heath’s Joker as much as others did (don’t get me wrong, he did put on a great performance) everyone just automatically hates it if it doesn’t seem like the right actor or the trailer implies a different take on the character! I think he has the potential to be the best yet, even though he most likely will be a different take on the character. (NOTE: I am not saying he definitely will, so anyone else reading this, I’m not saying he will be the best no doubt about it, I said, he has POTENTIAL to be the best)

    • As I said in the podcast, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot (more Ben than Gal) have changed my opinions on how they will handle the role. But, Jesse Eisenberg sounds like Gene Hackman…if Gene Hackman sucked an entire canister of helium beforehand. I’m not saying different takes on characters is a bad thing (I loved the Heath Ledger Joker). I just have never been wowed by Eisenberg’s gravitas. He’s just not a commanding guy like Hackman and Kevin Spacey are. Those two balanced Lex’s quirkiness and authority perfectly. Eisenberg has always played a geek. He could prove me wrong, but I’m just concerned based on what I’ve seen and what I know of him.


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