Banks says it’s not yet time to worry about another government shutdown

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): December 7th. That is the deadline for Congress to approve seven spending bills to avoid a partial government shutdown. Unlike previous spending bills, Congressman Jim Banks tells Fort Wayne’s Morning News host Kayla Blakeslee there is nothing controversial about this bill except the dollar amount that President Donald Trump is requesting for the border wall, which is five billion dollars.

Passing the five billion dollars would help complete the early phases of building the wall, which Congressman Banks says he fully stands behind, “I believe this is as important to stop illegal immigration as it is to stop the illegal drug flow.”

The Congressman says that it is crucial the bill gets passed right now because when democrats take control of the house, it’s very unlikely that President Trump gets any more dollars to build the wall.

To hear Congressman Banks’ full interview on Fort Wayne’s Morning News, click here.


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