Average spending on holidays up 3.4%

(Darrin Wright/1190 WOWO 107.5 FM)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Thanksgiving is next week, which means if you haven’t started shopping for the holidays yet, you will soon.

The average person will spend just under $1,000 on gifts this year, according to a study by personal-finance website WalletHub’s annual Holiday Budgets by City report.

That’s an increase of 3.4% since last year, and more than 20% over the past two years.

After studying 570 cities, Fort Wayne comes in near the middle of the pack, with an average holiday budget of $545, which is slightly more than Indianapolis, coming in at $539.

The city with the biggest holiday budget is Naperville, IL, averaging just under $2,400 on presents for friends and family.


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