Attorney General Sounds Off Over New EPA Energy Rules

(Photo Supplied/Rokita for Senate)

Indiana’s Attorney General is not happy with new rules from the EPA regarding energy companies.  Attorney General Todd Rokita released a statement Thursday in response to new rules proposed by the EPA that would impose drastic hardships on power plants.

Rokita stated, “With these new proposed rules, the Biden administration continues to wage war not only against U.S. energy companies but also against all the everyday Americans who rely on energy simply to maintain their homes and take care of their families.”

Rokita went on to say that he believes the new rules will lead to the shutdown of U.S. power plants and lead to price hikes that that will severely impact Hoosiers, particularly elderly seniors who live their lives on fixed incomes.

“These cruel proposals are a direct attack on the little guy, for whom Biden and his bureaucrats apparently have zero concern or sympathy.  Fortunately, the courts will almost certainly strike down these new EPA mandates — and on behalf of Hoosiers, I’ll do everything in my power to ensure that happens.”

Attorney General Rokita has helped lead multistate legal efforts against other instances of EPA federal overreach as well — such as suing the Biden administration to protect Hoosiers’ jobs, property and freedom from a rule redefining “navigable waters” under the Clean Water Act.

Read more online about the plans proposed by Biden’s EPA.


  1. Good for Todd Rokita! It’s a comfort to me knowing that Indiana has elected representatives and officials who share a genuine concern for protecting our values and our way of life here in the U. S. A., and who stand up for us against the ever-growing tyranny from the the left in our country.

  2. Todd is correct once again. Where in the US Constitution does the federal government have such power or authority? Try as I might, I cannot find the exact place this kind of authority is authorized. In face, if you look closely more than 90% of the federal government should not be there.


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