Attorney General Announces Indiana Gun Owners’ Bill of Rights

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  Indiana residents can now carry a gun across the state without a license or permit, however there are still certain places that carrying is still forbidden as rights as a gun owner are now compiled in a document called the Indiana “Gun Owners Bill of Rights” which were announced last week by Indiana Attorney General, Todd Rokita.

Rokita is responsible for getting the document compiled and published, with help from attorneys within his office and “The Gun Guy”, gun rights attorney Guy Relford, who pointed out questions that people would likely need answered.

“Now that we have this monumental constitutional carry, it seemed like a good chance to do this,” Rokita stated citing that even he has questions about the subject himself.  Rokita said the document can answer many common questions and if more questions arise, the legislation can and will be updated.

It can be found at the attorney general’s website.


  1. This Todd is much better than the Toad Young we have in the US Senate. The red flag money Toad supported a few weeks ago would have done nothing to stop the highland park killer. When society needs the red flag cops, judges and PARENTS fail to use it.


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