Armed robbery suspect tries to grab shotgun during Fort Wayne traffic stop

(Photo supplied/Allen County Jail)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A Fort Wayne woman accused of armed burglary nearly grabbed an officer’s shotgun during a traffic stop while children watched from the back of her car.

Fort Wayne police were called to an armed robbery report shortly after 5 p.m. Monday to a home at Seddlemeyer Avenue near the Anthony/Tillman intersection, according to the News-Sentinel.

27-year-old Tara Budzon allegedly broke into a man’s home, punched him in the eye, and held a gun to his head. The reason? She said he stole $27 from her purse. She apparently didn’t find what she was looking for and left the house.

Police later found Budzon and tried to pull her over. After several refusals, she finally exited the vehicle, but then refused to obey an officer’s orders. Meanwhile, children were in the backseat looking on, according to police.

When an officer tried to handcuff her, she tried to grab an officer’s shotgun twice. She also allegedly kicked an officer in the process.

She’s in Allen County Jail on a long list of tentative charges, including burglary with a deadly weapon, robbery while armed with a deadly weapon, disarming a police officer, and two counts of resisting arrest. All are felonies.


  1. There’s a video of her and the situation going around internet…I didn’t see her try to grab gun I heard her yelling for what many times while police had guns drawn lol

  2. I saw the video of this! The officer hits her with the end of the shot gun and then kicked her in the gut after she was down. She didn’t refuse police nor did she run. She pulled over and got out like the officer said and 5 of them ran up to her and started beating her. Then it was seen that nothing was taken out of her vehicle other than her children. Police where very brutile and there is video evidence of the brutality. Armed robbery or not, the woman didn’t need to be hit with a shot gun than kicked when she is down.

    • I seen the video as well, and I totally agree!! Whatever the deal is, I feel sorry for her babies, I’m sure they were traumatized!! Heck I was uneasy just watching the video, I don’t get why they get to use that kind of force.

  3. The video was not taken from the beginning. It was only taken from the screaming. The officers also had gloves on, I’m assuming in case she bit them. They also knew there was a gun in the car as well when they pulled her over. Watching the video, it looked like a quick surprise takedown, not brutal for her out of control behavior.

  4. In the video, as the first cop runs up and grabs her by the throat, she never lifted her hands from beside her, either in offense or defense.

    Have you even seen the video Franklin?

  5. Well unless you see the incident from the beginning it’s out of context it took the officers 8 minutes to get her to cooperate and get out of the car…she had a gun in car. Breaking the law you better obey the law officers or you get what you deserve….she’s a thug and acts like one. No pity or sympathy from me….it all started from her violent behavior…criminals aren’t victims, their victims are ….

  6. It’s evident from some of the comments that the recorded footage (which had 25k+ views) was not seen. First of all, there were no weapons found on her person or in her vehicle. Secondly, she only reached for the shotgun AFTER the officer hit her with it; which is a normal reaction. Thirdly, once they had her subdued, several officers punched her while she was handcuffed, and laying facedown on the street. Lastly, she was not resisting but merely yelling for someone to get her children, when the officer put a knee on her neck and face area.

    Bottom line, the officers involved abused there authority and committed police brutality. They should be fired and charges pressed against them; and the officers whom stood by, & watched the beating should be suspended for failing to stop the brutality.

  7. I have the video and she didn’t hit it even try to hit him they are lying I have no idea how to post the video but if someone could tell me I will post it I was there when they stopped her

  8. I seen the video, and let’s just say…the men in blue are lying and I watched it at least 4 times, cause I was in disbelief!!


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