Area Girl Scout has a passion for helping the homeless

Natalia at the Rescue Mission delivering cookies./Pic Provided by Heather Starr WOWO

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – 10-year-old Girl Scout, Natalia Kleinrichert has been helping the homeless since she was three-years-old.

Almost every year on her birthday, Natalia asks people to collect items for the homeless instead of giving her a birthday present.

Natalia was born premature and has had major health issues for most of her life.  This year, on their way to Riley Children’s Hospital, Natalia suddenly had an idea.  She said she wanted to ask people if they would want to buy Girl Scouts cookies for the homeless if they don’t want to buy some for themselves.  Her mother, Amy Kleinrichert, then asked her “How many is your goal?” in which she replied, “40 boxes.”

Natalia indicated “we passed that goal and got 255 boxes sold.”  This morning at 10 a.m., Natalia and her parents delivered all 255 boxes to the Rescue Mission in downtown Fort Wayne.

Natalia says that she wants to continue in her effort to help the homeless.  As a matter of fact, she wants to spend her life helping others.

Natalia has even asked her mom to cross four lanes of traffic to get chicken nuggets for someone in need.  Amy told Natalia that she had to give it to them herself. Natalia seemed shy about talking with them, but when she handed them the nuggets, he replied “God bless you” in which she turned and said “God bless you.”  That is all he had to say to make her completely okay with the interaction.

Her father, Eric Kleinrichert, said “I have told her that as an adult and as parent, sometimes it’s easy to get busy and kind of pass the homeless by and I’ve told her that she has been an inspiration to me.”  Amy said “we love that she has that heart for ministry and for others.”




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