Aqua Indiana President Supports Several Findings in IURC Report


(Indianapolis, IND) Aqua Indiana President Tom Bruns, in reviewing the report completed by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission’s independent consultant which studied Aqua’s water system operations during the extreme drought of this past summer, says, “Aqua is pleased the report confirmed that our procedures addressing the recent water pressure and service issues were fully compatible with current industry standards.”

Recommendation: Establish an Ordinance Allowing Mandatory Water Conservation

“The Drought of 2012 demonstrated that requesting voluntary water conservation efforts from customers is sometimes not sufficient to reduce water consumption to manageable levels.  Aqua made multiple requests for voluntary water conservation during the drought, yet there was only a 10% reduction in water usage during the peak of this summer’s record-setting dry spell and heat wave,” said Tom Bruns, Aqua Indiana president. To strengthen the water conservation effort, Aqua has already initiated conversations with members of City Council about a possible ordinance allowing for enforcement of mandatory water conservation in extreme conditions.


Recommendation: Enhance Any Future Connection to City Utilities  to Improve Fire Preparedness  

The consultant’s report suggests that the single 8” pipe connecting City Utilities and Aqua that provided water to 1,200 homes during this summer’s extreme conditions was not adequate to ensure enough water in the event of a major fire.  “Aqua is already exploring improved methods for interconnecting with the City water system, as needed, during peak consumption periods so that there is no doubt about fire hydrant pressure and volume at all times,” said Bruns. 


Recommendation: Update Master Plan
Aqua Indiana has already begun updating its Water Master Plan.  Additionally, Aqua added an 11th well and is working with one of the Midwest’s leading well drilling companies to fully evaluate Aqua’s 10 other wells and identify strategies to improve efficiency and increase water output to ensure adequate supply. Aqua looks forward to completing the new Water Master Plan that will guide future system improvements, and to submitting the new plan to Commission in 2013.