Aqua Indiana Plans Thursday Reconnection

Statement as issued Monday by the company:


in the Shorewood, Whispering Woods, Whispering Meadows, Falls of Beaver Creek, Abbey Place, Abbey Place Villas, Brenton Glens and Wescott Ridge Subdivisions

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) has approved Aqua Indiana’s (Aqua) request to reconnect approximately 1,200 homes in your area to Aqua’s water supply and disconnect them from the City of Fort Wayne’s water supply. Aqua had temporarily connected your area to the Fort Wayne water system last summer when a record drought diminished our supply, and we thank Fort Wayne for its assistance during that emergency.

Aqua has recently equipped a new well that provides nearly 500,000 gallons of additional water supply per day, and we’re confident that our wells and distribution system can now meet the demands for water supply and maintain water pressure for all of our customers in Aboite Township.

Aqua plans to reconnect customers to our water system on Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 12 noon.

Please note that the change in water supplies will result in a change in the disinfection residual in your water. Aqua uses a “free” chlorine disinfectant while the City of Fort Wayne uses a chloramine (or “combined” chlorine) disinfectant in its distribution system. Hospitals, dialysis patients, tropical fish tank owners and residents with pools should be aware of the chlorination changes and make adjustments accordingly.

You might notice a slight discoloration in your water right after the reconnection because the water will begin moving through the pipes in a different direction. Aqua technicians will be in the area to immediately flush water mains to minimize this impact. Please call Aqua at 877.987.2782 if you continue to notice any discoloration.

Thank you.