Another credit card skimming device found at Fort Wayne gas station

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Another credit card skimming device has been found at a Fort Wayne gas station.

This time, it’s a gas station on the northwest side of Fort Wayne. A Fort Wayne Police Department report says that an employee was checking one of the pumps Thursday afternoon and found the card skimming device inside the machine. The employee told police that the station just started a policy of checking all pumps for skimming devices.

Police are continuing to advise you to pay inside and keep an eye on your bank or credit card accounts as more devices are found. If you feel you’ve been a victim, let the owner of the gas station know.


  1. Seems like that the security cameras would be able to record people installing these devices. Where did they get the keys? Seems as though the employees of the stations are helping or doing it themselves.

  2. The only way this can happen this easily without video surveillance record and with a locked pump is by employees or employees helping.

    Think about it!


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