Americans have little or no confidence in federal government, AP poll says

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A recent Associated Press poll shows the public isn’t very confident in the federal government’s ability to get things done.

The poll states that 61 percent of those responding have little or no confidence in the government’s abilities to tackle the issues that matter. Only 8 percent have complete faith in the government.

IPFW Political Scientist Andy Downs said that a big issue is the perception that Congress is unable and unwilling to get things done.

“When you add in the complexity that Congress has to be able to pass something that the President is willing to sign, it gets even more complicated.” Downs said. “We just saw a couple years ago one of the least productive Congresses of all-time in terms of legislation that was passed.”

Downs says another problem is the negativity that is being generated in this political season.

“When you have candidates that are running for office saying ‘it’s broken and doesn’t work’,” Downs said. “Eventually voters are going to hear that and begin to accept that as the state in which we find ourselves.”

The poll revealed that the public is most concerned about terrorism and immigration, but not the economy, which Downs said surprised him.



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