Allen County receives HIDTA designation from federal government

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ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO) – Allen County has been added to the Indiana HIDTA by the federal government.

The announcement was made by United States Attorney Thomas Kirsch II and High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Director Chuck Porucznik.

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) task force program was created by Congress in 1988 and is under the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).  This creates a way for federal, state, local and tribal resources to coordinate in an attempt to combat drug trafficking in designated areas of the country.

The HIDTA designation for Allen County will allow the county access to federal resources to fight against drug distribution and also increase enforcement efforts.  Law enforcement agencies can now access drug trafficking issues and create specific initiatives for Allen County that will focus on outcomes and performance.  This program also provides national connectivity to access drug threats and trends throughout the country.

U.S. Attorney Kirsch said, “I am pleased that we are able to expand the footprint of the Indiana HIDTA to Allen County.  The HIDTA program is a tremendous asset to Indiana to reduce drug distribution networks grip on the area, therefore, reducing other violent crimes like gang/cartel violence and gun offenses.”

HIDTA Director Chuck Porucznik said, “The addition of Allen County to the Indiana HIDTA allows 5 counties in the more populated areas of the state to gain focused attention and federal resources to reduce drug-related activity and violence.  The goal of the HIDTA program is simple, disrupt the market for illegal drugs by dismantling and disrupting drug trafficking and money laundering organizations through law enforcement coordination.”

Fort Wayne Police Chief Steve Reed said, “We already have a great relationship with various federal agencies and have worked closely with each agency to combat drugs within our community. We look forward to enhancing that relationship with our inclusion in the HIDTA program. Allen County is grateful for the opportunity to continue this important work and look forward to gaining valuable resources to enhance this effort.”

Allen County Sheriff David J. Gladieux said, “Allen County receiving the HIDTA designation is a giant step forward in the battle against illegal narcotics distribution. The federal resources available because of this designation, will prove invaluable not just to law enforcement, but to all of the citizens that live and work in Allen County.  The collaborative effort that this designation brings to the table, by allowing Allen County to join forces and share federal resources with 4 other HIDTA designated counties, will undoubtedly produce significant results in the war on illegal narcotics.”


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