Allen County Health Commissioner announces Public Health Advisory

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Citing a surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Allen County, Health Commissioner Dr. Matthew Sutter has issued a public health advisory.

“It’s critically important that we not overwhelm our healthcare systems or our healthcare workers,” Sutter says. “Our systems are rapidly filling up with very ill COVID-19 patients. Our healthcare workers are exhausted and have not yet recovered from the last surge in the fall and winter.”

Calling the increase in local cases “alarming,” Sutter made the following recommendations Monday morning:

“Get vaccinated. All three vaccines are safe, effective and remain the most important tool in reducing your personal risk of severe disease and protecting the hospitals and healthcare workers.”

“Wear a mask indoors. Allen County remains an area of HIGH COVID-19 spread and CDC recommends universal masking in areas of high or substantial spread, regardless of vaccination status.” The current level of spread can be visualized here.

“Mask in K-12 schools regardless of vaccination status. While children are at lower risk for hospitalization and death, this is not a benign illness in children. Children under 12 are not eligible for any of the vaccines. Children who are infected can easily spread the disease in their households and are an important driver of overall community spread. Vaccinations and masks are our best tools for keeping schools open this fall. We strongly recommend school boards adopt universal masking in Allen County K-12 schools.”


  1. Forced feed nonsense, covid is all about $$$ & control. Record profits for corporations & big pharma. It’s getting to the point of no return, sheep need to snap out of it. The wolf is not your friend.

  2. Too many uniformed sheep…just going along with everything the CDC and Big Pharma shove down their throats. Turn of the TV and search out the truth for yourselves. Anyone that took the mRNA poison will probably be dead in 2-3 years, just as planned.

  3. I was recently @ Parkview north. No evidence to support your sarcasm. BUZZ! Go check for yourself. I choose to live like a man not a coward.

  4. Notice, how u have no comment on huge profits for pharma & marixst corporations. People who went along with this are just embarrassed @ this point. Can’t debate on facts just ignorance.

  5. Dr. Sutter is citing the CDC, who does not even mandate that their own employees be vaccinated, nor does the FDA, the White House, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and the WHO. These vaccinations are NOT safe…check out the VAERS reporting system . Most masks are useless, unhealthy , and a virus can still easily enter via your eyes. The COVIV-19 virus has never been isolated so any testing results are disingenuous. Making kids wear masks is absolutely criminal. The flu miraculously disappeared and people are being paid to falsify medical records of illness and death. Dr. Sutter must be lining his pockets via Big Pharma and the rest of the corrupt medical establishment…pathetic ! This is all about control .


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