Alleged rapist pleads guilty to shorter sentence

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A Fort Wayne man facing up to 80 years behind bars for allegedly raping a woman last November pleaded guilty to lesser charges Wednesday.

Christopher G. Platter, 40, pleaded guilty to felony criminal confinement with a three-year sentence, according to the Journal Gazette. One year would be suspended.

Prosecutors dismissed other charges including rape, attempted rape and sexual battery.

Police say Platter arrived at the woman’s home for a first date when they kissed and he held her down after she said she didn’t want to go further.

Court documents reveal Platter told the woman he was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, and referred to himself as a “big-time drug dealer.” He also allegedly drank alcohol, snorted a white powder, and threatened to kill the woman’s cat. Police say they found him passed out naked in a bed.

The woman told police she sought treatment for multiple injuries.

Platter’s sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 20.


  1. He professed to being a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and “big-time drug dealer.” and still got a deal with the Prosecuting attorney’s office for rape? Not sure how this is Justice. This could have been your daughter, sister, female friend. Be sure to thank the prosecutors office for being so lenient.

  2. My thoughts exactly!!
    Does not make sense for this woman to all of a sudden drop the charges after she’s gone through the whole process including the rape testing.


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