Albion Man Shows Up to Court Unexpectedly, Pleads Guilty to 11 Charges

NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO): An Albion man showed up unexpectedly in Noble Circuit Court Thursday and has pleaded guilty to 11 charges. The charges that 45-year-old Randall Katz entered the guilty pleas for are between two felony cases. Katz had previously been scheduled for jury trials to start in his cases on April 15 and June 10 of this year. He will now be sentenced on February 13th in Circuit Court. If a judge accepts the plea agreement filed today, Katz will receive 20 years in prison.

Katz pled guilty to the following charges:


1.       Dealing in Methamphetamine, class B felony

2.       Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine, class B felony

3.       Maintaining a Common Nuisance, class D felony


1.       Possession of Handgun with Obliterated Identification Marks, class C felony

2.       Corrupt Business Influence (Racketeering), class C felony

3.       Possession of Methamphetamine with a  Firearm, class C felony

4.       Possession of Controlled Substance, class D felony

5.       Possession of Marijuana, class D felony

6.       Possession of a Legend Drug, class D felony

7.       Possession of Paraphernalia, class A misdemeanor

8.       Resisting Law Enforcement, class A misdemeanor