Affidavit Says Anderson Mother Stabbed at Least 10 Times

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) _ Court documents say a 23-year-old Anderson woman had been stabbed at least 10 times when her body was found in a Gary home after police say she went there with her infant and a woman identifying herself as a child-welfare worker.
A probable cause affidavit made public Tuesday says 36-year-old Geraldine Jones of Gary told Samantha Fleming on April 6 she needed to go with her to a hearing and that it would look better if she brought her 3-week-old daughter.
Fleming's body was found Friday in Gary. Her daughter was found in the care of Jones' sister, who told police the child belonged to Jones.
Jones was charged Monday with murder, kidnapping and criminal confinement. 
The affidavit says Jones was hospitalized for depression in Texas after attempting suicide.