Acura brings NSX specialty car production to Ohio

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MARYSVILLE, Ohio (AP): The next generation of Acura’s top-of-the-line NSX is ready to begin full production in Ohio in late April.

It’s the first time in the showcase car’s 27-year history that it will be made outside of Japan.

Honda Motor Co. plans to make 800 per year in Ohio for global shipment.

Engineering project leader Clement D’Souza said Acura seeks to tap the U.S. market and distinguish itself from European competitors like Lamborghini and Ferrari.

He said the craftsmanship and technology in the 2017 NSX will “be a huge boost not only to the Acura brand, but also to the Honda brand global-wide.”

The 2017 NSX starts at $156,000. It features a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine with 573 horsepower that is hand-built in Anna, Ohio. It’s an all-wheel-drive hybrid, with three electric motors that assist in acceleration and handling.


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