Acreage Report Released Early

…. and somebody is probably losing their job over it. USDA’s Farm Service Agency screwed up and somebody posted the acreage data on the FSA website by mistake yesterday morning. Somebody yelled whoops, and tried to get the horse back in the barn by taking the information down as fast as they could… That’s not gonna work… anybody who saw it can trade on it, those who didn’t, can’t. So, FSA RE-posted the acreage data along with this explanation… “Earlier this morning the latest set of crop acreage reporting data was inadvertently posted early on the FSA website and taken down shortly thereafter. This data had been scheduled for release on Friday at 1pm. To ensure equitable access to this information, FSA has reposted the data on its website”. Since it’s now public and you were wondering… corn is listed at 91.2 million acres, soybeans at 86.1 million and wheat at 49.3


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