Accused murderer Brandon Woody will not have trial moved from Kosciusko County

Brandon Woody (photo supplied/Kosicusko County Jail)

WARSAW, Ind. (WOWO): Details of Brandon Woody’s jury trial are set, with little chance of it changing.

The 22 year old from Syracuse is accused of murdering 23 year old Tara Thornburg and 19 year old Joshua Knisley. He's accused of killing them during an apparent drug deal gone bad.

A judge has denied Woody’s attorneys change of venue motion this week. Woody's attorneys claimed that he would not receive a fair trial in Kosciusko County due to extensive press coverage of the incident and Woody’s criminal history. 

Kosciusko County prosecutors want to have Woody tried at the same time with the two other men charged for the murders, 27 year old Thomas Hursey and 22 year old Kyle Dehart.