Accidental Entrepreneurship the way of the future for professionals, Lucretia Cardenas thinks so

Lucretia Cardenas from Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly joined Charly Butcher on “Fort Wayne’s Morning News” to talk about the major stories in this week’s issue:
1) Fort Wayne prepares for growth in freelancing, entrepreneurship
The business startup path Swerens sometimes jokingly describes as “accidental entrepreneurship” is not new, but it seems to be gaining increasing acceptance as a viable means of earning a living.
Entrepreneurs, freelancers and contingency workers are going to play an increasingly important role in business in the coming years and Fort Wayne is preparing for that.
2) Making the Aha! happen
Mike Cahill does it while he swims or mows the lawn. Dan Schroeter and Kelly Gayer like to do it at Starbucks. Courtney Tritch prefers to splash it across a wall and Terry Thornsbury admits sometimes he just gets it from Google.
The “it” in this case refers to creative thinking – or more specifically, to the activities that inspire and stimulate the creative processes and lead to that flash of insight sometimes called an “Aha!” moment.
3) Campaign ads add up
Running for Congress got a lot more expensive in 2016.
The Republican candidates for northeast Indiana’s 3rd District U.S. House seat put up nearly $1 million in media spending ahead of the May 3 primaries.
When combined with spending from presidential candidates on television ads in Fort Wayne, media expenditures in the area reached about $1.3 million.
4) The real deal
At Venturi pizzeria in Goshen, customers bite into slices of pizza quite unlike any others offered in northern Indiana.
The restaurant specializes in serving pizzas as they were originally created in the Naples region of Italy, using native ingredients and pizza-making styles.
With this purpose, Venturi ranks among a handful of area businesses that pride themselves on offering authentic products. They include Fortezza cafe in Fort Wayne, and to a certain extent, Hyde Bros. bookstore.


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