A car thief escapes handcuffs and tries to run from police…

Today, January 13th, just after 3:00 a.m., Steuben County police got a call about a stolen vehicle.  An alert went out and minutes later, the stolen vehicle and reported suspect were located on East Toledo St in Fremont’s downtown area. 

27-year-old Sean Harman of rural Fremont was busted and taken in.  During the arrest, Harman was able to slip one hand out of the handcuffs, attempted to run and tried to grab a weapon from one of the officers. Fremont Police were able to grab Harman and stop him from running away.  

He’s being charged with class A misdemeanor resisting law police, class B felony attempted escape from custody, class B misdemeanor false reporting, class C felony attempted disarming of a law enforcement officer, and class D felony auto theft. 

Harman was also wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant out of Warrick County, Indiana.  He is now in the Steuben County Jail on a $78,505 bond and a hold for Warrick County.