Mayor Henry outlines three major focuses in campaign for record fourth term

(Photo Supplied/Tom Henry)

Fort Wayne, Ind. (WOWO): He is trying to accomplish something no one has done before. Tom Henry is looking to win his fourth term as the mayor of Fort Wayne.

Appearing on Fort Wayne’s Morning News with Charly Butcher, Henry says that economic development, public safety, and neighborhood improvement are at the top of his priorities list as the leader of the Summit City.

Henry noted in his conversation with Butcher on WOWO that Fort Wayne just graduated a brand new police class of almost twenty-four new officers which is a step forward in man power.

The mayor says that drugs and gangs have been a part of the community for decades now. This problem, he says is what he and his team are going to focus on finding solutions for.

The primaries are in May 2019.The republican candidates vying to run against the democrat are City Councilman John Crawford and businessman Tim Smith.

To hear Mayor Henry’s full conversation with WOWO, click here.


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