6 State Trooper Project kicks off Thursday and targets criminal activity

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Troopers from the Fort Wayne Post of the Indiana State Police will be joining State Troopers in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia as part of the 6-State Trooper Project.

Beginning today and running through the 13th, Troopers will be targeting criminal interdiction or intervention through high volume traffic enforcement. Motorists observing distracted, erratic, or dangerous driving, or suspected criminal activity on highways are urged to call 9-1-1.

The large-scale patrol effort is designed to get criminals of all types who operate in a highly mobile way, off of the streets.

During this period, motorists can expect to see an increased presence of troopers on our Hoosier highways conducting traffic stops. Drivers are encouraged to not drive distracted, and to be increasingly aware of the need to move over or slowdown as required to give law enforcement room to work safely.

Why target traffic violations to catch criminals?  Sergeant Brian Walker tells WOWO News that “Troopers understand that the criminal element in our communities by and large operates in a mobile environment.  By conducting large scale coordinated patrols such as the Six-State Trooper Project, we effectively increase the opportunities for law enforcement to interdict criminal activity in progress.  In the process we achieve safer roadways through increased traffic enforcement, with an overall commitment to creating safer communities by getting criminals off our streets”.


  1. I am all for getting felons off the streets, but this sounds more like the use of traffic stops to circumvent the 4th amendment to me. Looking at the many court cases over the years that utilized a traffic stop to do a search that were reversed because it was unconstitutional. In the meantime the people get to sit in jail until their appeal goes through because the lower court gets it wrong most the time. Punished anyway and this is how we do things now days! How about we go back to following the constitution again you useful idiots!


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