Indiana watchdog group looking for nuclear energy water protections

(Photo Supplied/ Nuclear Energy Information Service)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (INS): A watchdog group is urging more people to get involved in the effort to protect the country’s drinking water supply and to move away from nuclear energy.

Between Canada and the United States there are 38 nuclear reactors on the Great Lakes, and a watchdog group says if something isn’t done the world’s largest body of surface water will become a nuclear garbage dump.

Dave Kraft is director of the Nuclear Energy Information Service. He says energy isn’t as always an exciting cause to get behind as other topics, but if you want safe drinking water you need to get involved. Kraft cites some international disasters that are examples of what could happen here.

“We have the fifth anniversary of the Japanese Fukushima disaster, which took place on March 11th, 2011, but it’s also the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, the anniversary is April 26th of this year,” said Kraft.

The Great Lakes supply water for more than 40 million people, and Kraft says with all the nuclear reactors on their shores, it’s reasonable for Americans to demand protection.


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