Batteries Not Included Episode 2: The Division beta is out…is it fun or another Ubisoft disappointment?

In this episode, Tom and Kale are joined by gaming friend Justin to discuss The Division beta, and they leave no stone unturned. Also, a rundown of news, including what’s ailing Hollywood and Tom and Kale get a taste of future chimichangas to come with Deadpool.


  1. The worst thing about Hollywood isn’t the lack of originality but how they stretch out the good stuff. The Hobbit should NOT have been a trilogy. It was TERRIBLE. Should have been two movies. Star Wars has gone on waaaay too long, along with Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park/World. So many things have gone on longer than they should have.

    • That was kind of the point I was getting at. Jenji Kohan, who is the showrunner for OitNB, was also the showrunner for Weeds, which, like the way OitNB is trending, started off hot and then died a slow, painful death as it was dragged a few seasons too long. Hollywood is awful about not learning from its mistakes and OitNB runs a risk of ending up like Weeds.

    • LEGO Star Wars 1 & 2 and LEGO Batman 1 are really the only ones I like. Back then they were very simple and straight forward. Now they are just way too big, with hundreds of characters and huge open world environments. They are just far too daunting for me. But I am intrigued by LEGO: TFA because it’s only one movie instead of a trilogy or more.

  2. I loved the division. I think the story has alot of potential. I love the weapons and the dark zone is a very unique pvp experience.


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