3rd Lawsuit Filed in Fatal Crash of Overloaded Van on I-69

PRINCETON, Ind. (AP) _ A third lawsuit has been filed in the fatal September crash of an overloaded van on a southwestern Indiana highway.
The van loaded with 24 people was headed to a factory when it blew a tire and overturned Sept. 24 on Interstate 69 about 20 miles northeast of Evansville. Two women died. Charges filed against the driver include two counts of causing death while driving while intoxicated on a controlled substance.
Attorney Neil Chapman filed a lawsuit Thursday on behalf of Marianie Sanon, who was hurt in the crash. The lawsuit names the van's driver, the van's owner, the company owning the factory and a staffing company that hired the workers. 
The lawsuit seeks compensation for medical expenses, lost income and other damages.
The Princeton Daily Clarion reports lawsuits were filed last month on behalf of two other passengers.