37 Minors Face Charges After Officers Bust Party

NORTH LIBERTY, Ind. (WOWO): A New Years Eve Party ended with 37 minors facing underage drinking charges.

A party with over 50 people at Potato Creek State Park ended when Indiana Conservation Officers arrived, finding that many of the people were under the age of 21 and were consuming alcohol. Katelyn Herman, Annamarie Logan, Devin Herban, Nathan Bonk, Collin Veldman, Ryan Thompson, Alex Wieczorek, Steven Westphal, Devon Smith, Melissa Meyer, Alyssa Hasler, Allison Menting, Hunter Knapp, Cassidy Dennin, Matthew Paluszewski, Annelyse Soisson are between 18 and 20 and face misdemeanor charges for possession of alcohol under the age of 21.

There were 21 other juveniles under 18 that were also consuming alcohol. Officers say many had test results more than twice the legal limit to drive. With the risk of those minors driving afterwards, the officers say the bust could have saved many lives.