3 Hour Standoff Near Downtown Ends Peacefully

The Fort Wayne Police were busy early this morning with a man held up in his apartment with two children.  The call for help came in at just past 3 Saturday morning, a man and woman were having a heated argument at an apartment on W. Jefferson near Van Buren St.  When the cops got there a woman was outside and she told them Ryan Baughman had been drinking and taking prescription drugs.  At some point during the argument he grabbed a gun she ran out leaving behind a 1 and 4 year old boy and girl.  The police spent the next three hours trying to talk to Baughman but he was having none of it.  At just past six this morning they blew the door to the apartment and were able to grab Baughman.  The boy and girl were found asleep and not hurt.  Baughman was taken to county lock up.