About $185,000 in housing repairs for Governor Eric Holcomb and First Lady

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO) – Governor Eric Holcomb and first lady Janet Holcomb are planning to move in to the historic 1928 English Tudor by the end of June, according to The Journal Gazette.

The state is spending about $185,000 on repairs and renovations.

The biggest portion of expense is due to a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The system required reconfiguring the attic space to fit the new equipment.

The residence has more than 10,000 square feet, 23 rooms, 11 bathrooms and a carriage house for guests.

Some smaller-scale projects are also being considered, including adding a mudroom near the family entrance. Cosmetic lighting and window treatment adjustments are also being considered.

Governor Holcomb has also requested a basketball court.

These touches would be paid for by private dollars.


  1. Why are my tax dollars going to pay for this rich SOB anyway. This should be coming out of his own pocket. No one is giving me $185,000 to repair my house. This is BS!!! I voted for this moron thinking he will be fiscally responsible. So far, all I see is that since Donald Trump got elected the Republicans in the state house think its okay to raid the piggy bank. All I see is that I am going to be taxed to death by the State of Indiana. Sure if the Trump administration can lower personnel taxes it will be offset by State taxes. It won’t be long until they will make I69 a toll road. Politicians totally SUCK!! They are all crooked in one way or the other. I shouldn’t be surprised.


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