16 Ind. Companies Promise Growth, 2,100-Plus Jobs

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Indiana officials say a heavy equipment parts maker in Plymouth plans to create 475 jobs by 2017 and 15 other companies have pledged to create nearly 1,700 other jobs over the next decade in return for more than $19 million in tax credits and other incentives.
The Indiana Economic Development Corporation said Thursday that AMI Industries Inc. plans to create 250 jobs next year and 225 more by 2017 while investing $8.5 million to equip and improve production equipment for farm and automotive components. The state will provide up to $2.3 million in tax credits and $300,000 in training grants.
Indiana House Minority Leader Scott Pelath expressed skepticism that all of the jobs will materialize. He says Indiana's average household income fell 12 percent from 2002 to 2013.