Violent crime drops in Fort Wayne for the first 7 months of 2021

(Darrin Wright/WOWO)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Mayor Tom Henry and Police Chief Steve Reed announced that violent crimes are down by 46.30 percent and property crimes are down 6 percent for the first seven months of 2021 (January 1 – July 31) as compared to data from the same 2020 timeframe.

Homicides are down 13.04 percent with a clearance rate of nearly 70 percent, which means someone has been charged, the act was considered to be in self-defense or the victim of the homicide was a person of interest in a previous homicide.

Arrests for possession of a handgun without a license are up 50.85 percent. 518 firearms have been recovered and placed in evidence for 2021.

Sexual assault is up by 57 percent, but it is believed that sexual assaults were underreported in 2020 due to COVID-19. There have been 82 sexual assaults so far in 2021, compared to 85 in 2019 and 90 in 2018 during the same January 1 – July 31 time frame.

Non-fatal shootings are up 22 percent, which also includes pointing a firearm or shooting into an inhabited dwelling.

“Murder and overall violent crimes are up across the nation, but not here,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Fort Wayne is a safe city, and I’m very proud of the efforts of the men and women of the Fort Wayne Police Department for everything they’re doing to keep our residents, neighborhoods, businesses and visitors safe.”


  1. Some sad & interesting facts.

    Sexual Assault:
    Cases are at 82, and it’s only August! Heck, we still have 4.5+ months, and we’re nearly at the yearly average from 2018 & 2019. Very sad, indeed. But when i think about the ~47 cases, reported in 2020, i don’t feel they were “underreported”. Even though i haven’t the facts to back up my thoughts.

    I just know what i saw in 2020. When only “essential workers” were on the roadways, there were far fewer accidents; far fewer traffic fatalities; far fewer traffic backups being reported by WOWO.
    Does that mean Essential Workers are better drivers?
    Maybe, but I don’t think so.
    As non-essential travel can create the element for disruption in the roadways, so too, has COVID-19 effectively disrupted several other statistics, from 2020.
    However the simple fact remains.. Each case of Sexual Assault, is one case too many.

    Violent Crimes:
    And, i’m sorry.. but, “violent crimes are down by 46.30 percent”, followed by, “Sexual assault is up by 57 percent.” ???
    What constitutes as a Violent Crime?
    Where are the numbers and correlating crimes??
    Why separate the two into different paragraphs???

    I don’t think it is fair to compare homicide statistics, from 2021, to any year prior. When you force two (or more) people together, for such a prolonged time.. things are bound to “accidentally” happen.

    Non-fatal Shootings:
    What are these statistics based on? What time period?
    I am just curious..
    One of the lingering side effects, from having had the COVID-19, is my sense of smell. It is still off kilter.
    Could this deplorable lack of aim, be the result of having the virus?
    Maybe an inner ear imbalance, due to the virus?
    I don’t know… but criminals, above all, should know the importance of wearing a mask.

  2. “Murder and overall violent crimes are up across the nation” located EXCLUSIVELY in Democrat Nazi-run Cities where the Leadership ignores the law and the cry for help from their citizens, indirectly promoting/encouraging violent crime.

    Fortunately for Fort Wayne Citizens: even though Tom Henry desperately wants to follow other Democrat-Nazi leadership in Blue Cities burning to the ground with defunding the Police, etc… Tom Henry knows that he can’t let that happen in Fort Wayne otherwise he would be given the Boot pretty fast since he doesn’t have the political protection like with other Nazi-run Cities.


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