100 mph Winds Destroy Farm Buildings Near Wabash

CROWN POINT, Ind. (AP) _ The National Weather Service says several farm buildings near Wabash in northeastern Indiana were destroyed by straight-line winds of up to 100 mph, which inspectors say were some of the strongest they’ve seen. 
  Building damage and downed trees were reported after winds topping 60 mph and golf ball-size hail pelted places from Gary to Fort Wayne.  
  More than 50,000 customers across northern Indiana were without power at one point, though utility officials said most had been restored by Thursday.
  Meteorologist Evan Bentley says it’s too early to call the overnight storm a derecho, but it did pack powerful winds that spanned a path from Indiana to the Appalachians before it fizzled out.
  Forecasters had warned the swath of storms could spawn a widespread weather event called a derecho.