Friday, January 20, 2017

Pat Miller Program

Interview with Dr. Nan Hayworth

Ryan Wrecker and WOWO Farm Director Rob Winters talks to Dr. Nan Hayworth 01-04-2017

Congressman Jim Banks

Ryan Wrecker: Pat Miller Program 01-03-2017

Interview with Barby Ingle

Pat Miller Program 12-28-2016

Interview with Reggie Hayes

Pat Miller Program 12-27-2016

History of WOWO

Bob Chase tribute special

To honor legend Bob Chase, WOWO has produced this tribute special to his life and legacy.This special was produced to play in connection with...

WOWO 90th Special: Part 6

The station was about to find it's new place on the radio dial.  In the 1990's, WOWO started to transition away from music programming...

WOWO 90th Special: Part 5

The 1980's was a time of transition for WOWO.  With Bob Sievers and Jack Underwood retired, and the passing of Jay Gould, the next few...

WOWO 90th Special: Part 4

The dominance of WOWO continued into the 1970's, but some new faces would join the staff  and start to inject a new delivery of...

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