Report: New law will boost Indiana prison population...
Created by kblakeslee on 12/10/2013 4:51:26 PM

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A new report on sweeping changes lawmakers made this year to Indiana's sentencing guidelines in hopes of reducing pressures on the state's prisons will have the opposite effect.

Atlanta-based consulting firm Applied Research Services, Inc. was hired by a legislative panel to analyze the revised sentencing guidelines set to take effect next July. 
Its report concludes that the sentencing changes will increase Indiana's prison population over the next 10 years.
Applied Research Services' co-founder, John Speir, told lawmakers Tuesday the new law's requirement that inmates serve at least 75 percent of their sentences will offset changes lawmakers made in reclassifying offenses and setting new sentencing ranges.
Indiana's current law allows most inmates to be released after serving half or less of their sentences for good behavior behind bars.