Senate Dairy Program
Created by rrummel on 12/2/2013 2:35:58 PM

Gets Support from NFU

National Farmers Union continues to support the Senate’s version of dairy programs in the farm bill. NFU Vice President of Government Relations Chandler Goule says dairy policy ought to include risk management tools for dairy farmers to protect themselves against rising production costs and market collapse. He says the farm bill should also establish a responsible inventory management program that helps reduce costs for taxpayers. According to Goule - the Senate dairy provisions do this and should be included in the farm bill conference report. What’s more - a comparison of the House and Senate farm bills by the Congressional Research Service shows the Senate’s dairy program costs less than the House version. According to the report - released in October - the House farm bill’s dairy title is projected to cost 418-million dollars above the baseline while the Senate dairy program costs 302-million more over the next 10 years.