Attorney General Joining Initiative to Step Up Smart Phone Safety
Created by kblakeslee on 11/13/2013 5:24:14 PM

INDIANA, Ind. (WOWO): Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller is joining a nationwide initiative to step up Smart Phone Safety.

Zoeller is now among those pushing the S.O.S effort. That stands for Secure Our Smartphones. It highlights a need for smart phone manufacturers to find a way to combat the rise in violent street crimes involving cell phone thefts. Not only does a stolen cell phone mean easy cash for the thief, it means easy access to your personal information.

Zoeller has suggested a "kill switch" method that would allow users to render their phone permanently useless if stolen.

He also says some easy ways to avoid your information being stolen are to make sure your device is password protected, back-up your phone regularly, and sign up for tracking services.