Unsafe stamps
Created by rreker on 10/11/2013 8:38:22 AM

Who thought stamps could be so controversial.  Take a moment to look at the block of stamps below.  Do you see anything wrong with promoting healthy outdoor gameplay?

Who in the world would look at this and say, "wait a minute... those kids don't have knee pads and helmets!  STOP THE PRESSES!"  Yep... you guessed it... the US Government.  The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition claimed that doing a handstand without a helmet was dangerous and the ordered the United States Postal Service to destroy the stamps.  Play soccer without shin pads?  Cannonball into a pool?  Balance on a large rock?  The government says these are all extremely dangerous activities for your kids and you should feel ashamed for yourself if your kids do any of the activities endorsed by those death stamps.  You might as well arm those kids with guns -- because in the governments eyes it's just as dangerous.