Scam Artists Targeting Health Insurance Customers
Created by kblakeslee on 9/12/2013 4:17:56 PM

INDIANA, (WOWO): The Indiana Department of Insurance is warning consumers about scam artists who are taking advantage of the confusion over the Affordable Care Act.

Dennis Rosebrough with the Indiana Department of Insurance says the scammers are targeting health insurance customers. The scammers are telling people if they don‘t have a health insurance plan, when the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, they will go to jail. Rosebrough says that is false.

“That is not the penalty descried in the Affordable Care Act. There is a penalty for not having insurance, but it’s a financial penalty.”

He adds the federal government will not be soliciting insurance plans by phone and if someone calls you saying they represent the federal government, call the Indiana Department of Insurance at 1-800-622-4461.