Hoosiers Suspect Irrigation Drying Up Wells
Created by kblakeslee on 8/29/2013 12:39:49 PM

COLUMBUS, Ind. (AP) _ Residents in a south-central Indiana subdivision where wells have dried up suspect heavy irrigation of nearby cropland during the state's current dry spell may be causing their woes.
Two private wells have recently gone dry in Villa Park subdivision south of Columbus. Both of those homeowners suspect last year's drought, combined with the current dry spell and farmers' heavy irrigation of nearby corn and soybean fields caused their wells to dry up.
They told The Republic that a recent test on another neighbor's well has showed that the area's water table has dropped six feet in four months.
Homeowner Jerry Harper's well dried up this week. He says he understand that farmers need to make a living but they shouldn't ``overuse water.'' He calls that ``wasteful.''