Indiana Prison Inmate Seeks Group Prayer Rights
Created by kblakeslee on 7/22/2013 4:27:14 PM

   INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ An Indiana prison inmate whose religion believes its followers are a lost tribe of Israel is asking a federal judge for relief from restrictions on his faith's group prayers.
  African Hebrew Israelite Paul Veal on Monday filed a request for an injunction against the Indiana Department of Correction in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis. The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana is representing Veal.
  Veal settled a 2008 lawsuit after the agency agreed to allow group prayers at the Pendleton Correctional Facility northeast of Indianapolis, but says the prison now requires the group to be supervised, limiting the opportunity for regular prayers.
  A spokesman for the prison agency had no immediate comment.
  African Hebrew Israelites aren't considered Jews. They follow the Old Testament, but not rabbinical interpretations.