Suit: BMV Overcharged Indiana Residents by Millions
Created by kblakeslee on 3/7/2013 1:12:35 PM

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ A newly-filed lawsuit accuses Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicles of ``systematically'' overcharging state residents by tens of millions of dollars for driver's licenses.
  The suit filed Thursday in Marion County alleges the BMV charged drivers under age 75 between $4 and $7 more than state law allows when they obtained or renewed licenses. The complaint filed by Indianapolis attorney Irwin Levin seeks class-action status.
  Levine tells The Indianapolis Star the BMV ``apparently, just made up a number'' that they charge residents for their licenses.
  Based on his law firm's calculations, he says Hoosiers may have been overcharged between $30 million and $40 million.
  BMV spokesman Dennis Rosebrough says he had not seen the complaint and the agency would not comment until officials review the allegations.