Grenade Found in Fort Wayne Home
Created by on 2/19/2013 10:47:50 AM

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) _ A northeastern Indiana family busy cleaning out a relative's home was stunned to discover a grenade among the belongings that appeared to date from World War II.
The News-Sentinel reports a man brought the grenade Saturday to a Fort Wayne fire station and explained that he'd found it while cleaning out his father-in-law's home. 
He told firefighters he and other relatives had been cleaning out the home when he found what appeared to be a grenade inside a locked and secure cabinet. 
Police verified that the device was indeed a grenade. The container that held the grenade was dated 1944, but police said they aren't sure how old it actually was.
The grenade was turned over to an officer trained in explosive ordnance disposal.